Manny Chalco

"I had some shoulder pain for weeks and after trying to fix it on my own I scheduled an appointment with Nick. He worked on it for about 30 mins and the pain and discomfort was gone, since then my shoulder mobility has improved tremendously and I’ve been able to hit some PRs with my overhead lifts. Thanks Nick!"

Patty Clemens

"I've been battling fascial and muscular issues for the last several years with all the training and lifting I've been doing and having a "maintenance" program has never been more crucial. Unfortunately, I've learned that the hard way. Nick has been able to address those problem areas and has been instrumental in helping me improve and relieve the imbalances. So incredibly grateful for his ability to pinpoint and address the root source of the pain and provide immediate relief. Thanks, Nick!"

Marin Irene

"I wasn't aware of the extent of my muscular and fascial issues until I started seeing Nick. I perceived my isssues as typical soreness from difficult workouts. Nick was super knowledgeable about pinpointing what was going on in my back and shoulders and within 2 sessions I felt better than I had in months. He did an excellent job working on my back and was able to fully explain what he was doing. Not only did I begin performing better in the gym, but my sleep has improved tremendously. I plan to continue to go to Nick for maintence as well as any other injuries that occur in the future!"

Derek Abdelnour

"Nick was very knowledgeable and professional in his treatment of my shoulders and lower back. Nick listened had me perform some baseline stretches and movements to determine my range of motion and its restrictions; from there he used a wide range of stretches and massage techniques to get release the multiple stubborn trigger-points. I highly recommend Nick!"

Anji Paumier

"Nick does a fantastic job of understanding not only how the body moves but how to correct the improper movement patterns that cause pain. Several times he has helped me with chronic shoulder pain and suggests fixes to keep improving my healing process. Highly recommend"